Reality Vibrations with Axe on Wax

Woodensun, Bandung based brand has teaming up with London Records, Axe On Wax for a capsule collection called Reality Vibrations. Both brands keep their own theme that both hold and visualize it into fantasy and fun for the capsule collection. In this collection they shared the same interest about music, activities and reality.

This capsule collection consists a corduroy work jacket, T-shirts and long sleeves, hoodies and crewneck, a rug. All went out with logo and heavy graph ics prints , fusing they both graphics into one. They also release a collectible cassette, collaboration between two producer Munir (IDN) and Native Cruise (UK), consists 5 tracks about their exploration in sound and project long distance virtual.

One standout piece is a corduroy work jacket. Combined by two colours corduroy green and brown completed with white embroidery of Reality Vibrations logo at the front of the piece. Another highlight product is a 1,5m x 2m green blue grey-colored rugs with smoking creature graphics made with handmade process. Other pieces like tees, long sleeve, hoodies and crewneck round-up the capsule.