Woodensun – Watchout The World Behind You — ZINE Vol.1

In the world of uncertainties, we do not know what will happen in the next hour, what more to say tomorrow. As human beings, we plan and try to live as best as we can. However as much as we can plan, nobody knows what will happen next, sometimes we also worry things do not turn out as planned. The current situation makes the uncertainty even more real.

We face a crisis that we didn’t know when it will be finished, we will never know who will get sick, who will recover, and who will decease. Make things more unclear, and evokes pessimistic feelings that there is no safe place for us.

But since we have no control over what life will throw at us in the future, why worry about it in the first place? First, imagine that you watched a movie or read a novel many times. Then you will know what will happen next in the story, you will know every part of the scene until you remember the ending part.

Unfortunately the story will become flat and you will be bored then you want to skip the movie quickly. The funny is sometimes without us knowing it, the same goes for our situation. If by magic or superpower, we can know exactly what is going to happen next, also every part of our lives and what the end will be like, our lives will get bored and lost their thrill and excitement.

If we can accept the fact that we cannot eliminate uncertainty in our lives, then we can factor uncertainty into our lifestyle. We’ll become open to all possibilities and infinity of choices. Life now becomes an adventure, full of excitement, and to a certain extent almost magical.

Since it is our choice, will we accept uncertainty?

Woodensun ‘Watchout The World Behind You’ a book covering range of artworks from 18 artists from Indonesia including screen prints poster, and embroidered tees. New release also features several tees and long-sleeve tees.

80 Pages, Approx 210×148 mm, 90 gsm book paper with Ivory Cover Paper – Color Offset Printing


Aldiansyah W
Arend A
Hilmy P Soepadmo
Iqbal Fauzan
Natan Nainggolan
Nikolas Leonard-Artha
Radit Rabuns
Rafid Fauzan
Riyan Berlian
Shaquile Noorman
Tama Khrishna