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Genesis - Spring/Summer 2021

In this Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Woodensun brings a reverie theme and thrilling vision called “Genesis”. The Collection is influenced by The Creation of life and the Book of Genesis which, written in the holy bible talked about the creation of heavens and earth by gods.
The title itself simply reflects the beginning of everything into being something in every aspect of life. The ideas are simultaneously infused Woodensun’s signature approach to heavy graphic design.The collection is strengthened by the slogan “Watchout the world behind you” which appears on tees and tote.
By this collection want to spread a positive spirit to start something new and doing better. We are also focused to give our best and provide the best quality of prints and fabric better than before. This collection talks about a beginning and urges us to take a step to lead us to the further side of freedom. All t-shirts and sweats continue to use 100% cotton.