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Modern Utopian, In Daily Routine

Woodensun and Illustrator Almost Free Services Team Up for Modern Utopian, In Daily Routine Capsule Collection

Woodensun continuing their collaboration series with a new collaboration capsule collection with French illustrator Almost Free Services. Almost Free Services is a dark and mysterious name use instead of Mathieu Courbier, who explores his own world as a mixture of Art and commissioned works.
The collection called “Modern Utopian, In Daily Routine”. The ideas comes as a critic to the boring life of creative fields, an illusion by working on it, and how they stuck at the that fields. Turning something cool into bored daily rountines. It can be seen in Almost Free Services’s funny comic
haracter style comes through an illustration of a daily life working process, gestures and faces of the character.

This capsule collection consists a series of tshirt. Comes up in white, black and tye dye colours. One standout piece in their collection is a Decorative pillow. All went out with almost free services illustrations.